Just Arrived: 1977 Cadillac Hearse

1977 Cadillac Hearse
 Eddie wants a hearse to go to shows; Eddie will probably be the only hearse there; a lot of rust repair, going black and slick, why not; he is upgrading the trim back to original, so we have a lot of fitting to do; runs real good, so it will be primarily cosmetic.

Just Arrived: 1963 Cadillac Convertible

1977 Cadillac Hearse
 David and Mary just got a little fixer-upper, their 1963 Cadillac Convertible; we are starting on their list of projects and methodically working through them; what a cruiser this will make for their family.

Just Arrived: 1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger
Ed's Charger is one of three 68 cars we are building for a special American tribute in custom paint; each car will be
equipped with a current driveline, stock body lines and custom paint; the charger will have the 5.7 fuel injected HEMI and overdrive; the first step is stripping to see what we have to work with.

Just Delivered: 1993 Chevy PU

1993 Chevy PU
Rickey purchased this truck band new and remembers how it used to look; we are updating the interior to current technology look and feel with new seats, console and dash upgrades; the exterior is being completely refreshed with paint and trim.