Just Arrived: 1972 Dino Ferrari
1972 Dino Ferrari
Eric wants it painted the original color, Marrone Colorado, a very rare metallic brown; with new weather stripping, engine compartment and undercarriage detail and this will be a stunning car.

Just Delivered: 1953 Alvis TA21 Convertible
1953 Alvis TA21 Convertible
This has been challenging build; a rare factory built left hand drive convertible, less than a handful in 1953; it has aluminum body skins wrapped over wood body skeletons; the shape is early Rolls or Jag, original suicide doors, two tone silver paint, with red lipstick red leather interior and real wood interior appointments make this Alvis a hit at any gathering.

Just Delivered: 1955 Firestone Flight 880
1955 Firestone Flight 880
Some of y’all can remember riding these when they were new... Pat, my wife tells me how fun it was, I was too young; what a treat to be able to restore a couple of these 50’s bicycles; new spokes, tires, paint, the artwork was never this crisp, chrome, brakes, chain…you get the idea.

Just Delivered: Trans Am “SuperBandit 400”
Trans Am “SuperBandit 400”
 Santiago wanted a “SuperBandit 400” with the gold stripes buried, no decals, custom bird on the hood and sail panels, Custom Font and of course the “SuperBandit 400” on the shaker; the body had to be aligned, a few little mechanical, electrical, assembly repairs, and several water leaks.  What an Icon!