Just Arrived: 1971 Jaguar Series III
1971 Jaguar Series III
Mark wants a full custom Jag; he is building a digital fuel injected 6L with all the right goodies, you Jag guys will
love to watch this one; we are taking a 2+2 and making a convertible; there will be a little from a 275 Nart, 250 GTO, Eagle Jaguar and Jay Leno's Jaguar build, so it will be a one-off to Mark's design; I can hardly wait.

Just Arived: 1952 Schwinn Bicycle
1952 Schwinn Bicycle

yep, we are doing bikes, of course motorcycles, mail boxes, pedal cars....

Just Delivered: 1956 Thunderbird Convertible
1956 Thunderbird Convertible
Hayes has owned this car for decades; it was restored about 20 years ago and we are going to strip and freshen it up; really nice restoration 20 years ago.

Just Delivered: 1968 Shelby GT 500KR
1968 Shelby GT 500KR
Greg has had the car for decades, looking for more Shelby's; we did the paint and body a few years ago and every couple of years he runs it though our detail group to get her brought back to show quality; what an iconic true muscle car!