Just Arrived: 1962 Chevy Impala
1962 Chevy Impala
Ronnie has had this car for nearly 2 decades and is ready for a face lift; he has maintained his car and driven it 1000's of miles, now it is time to win some shows; colors, yep, more than one have yet to be determined, trim, engine compartment, firewall all done to show quality; Ronnie has watched us for years and is convinced we are doing to be around and can stand behind our work; he has observed a lot of folks me-too-and-cheaper and not around now; great client to build for, wants high level build, watch it

Just Delivered: 1972 Cutlass Convertible
1972 Cutlass Convertible
Bentley has owned the car for a few years and he and Mondello folks got it running just like he wants it so now it time to make it LOOK just like he wants it; we stripped to metal and came back up with some gorgeous new GM Inferno Orange with Pearl White W29 stripes that match the Pearl White Upholstery and a new top.

Just Delivered: 1974 Plymouth Roadrunner
1974 Plymouth Roadrunner
Jim has been patient while we have gone through several changes in the construction of his 1974 RoadRunner; this original looking RoadRunner has a radical 440 with an OD tranny.....very cool driver. We disassembled, stripped, painted and buried the stripes...breathtaking; upgraded suspension and upholstered interior.

Just Delivered: 1961 Merecedes 300 SL
1961 Merecedes 300 SL
 This is the year we are refurbishing the dash; we have had the opportunity to refurbish several elements of this beautiful iconic piece of history over the years; we were just about to deliver the car when he decided that he wanted a color change; this requires disassembly, stripping, and coming back up to make it slick and beautiful and what a stunning car it is.